Are you ready to upgrade from WPForms Lite to the paid version of WPForms? Upgrading to the paid WPForms plugin will give you access to even more features and powerful addons.

In this article, we’ll show you how to upgrade from our free version to a paid license.

  1. Purchasing a WPForms License
  2. Installing the Paid WPForms Plugin

1. Purchasing a WPForms License

To get started, you’ll need to visit our Upgrade page. This page will show you all of the features available with paid license levels, so be sure to check out any options you’re interested in for more details.

When you’re ready, click the Upgrade Now button.

Begin upgrade process for WPForms

This will open the WPForms Pricing page. This page will display all features available with each license level so that you can determine which license is the best fit.

When you’ve determined which license has the features you’d like, you can click the Get Started button to begin the checkout process.

Select a license level to purchase

Currently, a 50% off discount is automatically applied for the first year of all new licenses. Within the checkout, the discount code should already be in place for you.

Checkout page with 50 percent off discount applied

The last step is to enter your payment details and create a WPForms account. Your account will provide access to the paid plugin downloads, so you’ll need this a little later in this tutorial.

When all of the fields are complete, click the Complete Checkout button to complete the order.

Complete purchase of WPForms license

You will receive an email receipt of your purchase, delivered to the email address you use to create your WPForms account.

2. Installing the Paid WPForms Plugin

Now that you’ve purchased a license, you can complete the upgrade process by adding your license key. This will install the the paid plugin version for you.

To start this process, you’ll need to log into your WordPress site. Then, go to WPForms » Settings. On this page, you should see a field named License Key.

To find your license key, you can open the Downloads tab of your WPForms account. On this page, you’ll see your license key directly under the license name.

Copy WPForms license key from account

Go ahead and copy this license key into your WPForms settings.

After you’ve pasted the key into the License Key field and clicked the Connect button, the automatic verification process will run. Then, as soon as your license key has been verified, you should be taken to a new screen to confirm that you’d like to proceed.

To begin the installation process, you’ll need to click the Connect and Install WPForms Pro button.

Confirm installation of WPForms Pro

Next, the paid plugin will be automatically installed for you (this may take a few moments). Once it’s all done, you’ll be shown a success message.

WPForms paid plugin has been installed successfully

After you click the OK button, you should be redirected back to the WPForms settings for your WordPress site. The paid version of WPForms is all set and ready to be used!

You should see that your license key has already been verified, and your license type will be displayed.

WPForms paid plugin was installed successfully

Note: If this process didn’t work for you, then your web host likely has restrictions that prevent our automatic installation from running. In this case, please follow our manual installation tutorial.

Delete WPForms Lite

Now that you’ve completed the installation of our paid version, you can delete WPForms Lite from your Plugins page. All forms and settings will now be managed by the paid plugin, so no data will be lost by deleting the free version.

Delete WPForms Lite from WordPress plugins

That’s it! You’ve now installed the paid version of WPForms, and have access to tons more features. Be sure to explore your new options, such as conditional logic and entry storage and management.