Open up your web browser such as Google Chrome. 

Once opened, type in the address bar of your browser type in the following URL:

hit Enter

You will come to a homepage similar to the one below. Select "Download for Free*" icon

In the bottom left hand corner of your computer screen of the Google Chrome Browser, you will see the application start downloading. Once it completes, double click on the application and run it. 

select Default Installation and then select Accept - Next

A pop up willl come up and ask if you would like to accept and make changes to your device. Select Yes and hit enter. 

Upon accepting, the application will commence to install. 

It will then ask you How do you want to use TeamViewer? 

Select "I already have a Teamviewer Subscription to use the Commercial Version"

Then select "Finish"

Select I accept EULA and the DPA. Select continue

A Screen will pop up. Select OK. 

You will then see a screen similar to the below. 

Select Remote Control on the left Hand Side

You will then see Your ID and Password.

Provide us the information so 1Cyber Technicians can then assist to provide support.