Our products are sold as is and do not include any provision of support on how to install, setup and use the products. To avoid any additional fees, before returning any products, we recommend that you personally attempt to troubleshoot your issue first as best you can by following the manufacturers guideline (assuming you are comfortable and have the knowledge required) and document the steps you have taken, so that we may be able to provide more efficient support and direction.

Often additional support is offered directly by the manufacturer. Please check the table below for more information if this is available and to determine the best course of action for warranty repair or replacement.

Manufacturer Warranty Details

We always suggest contacting the manufacturer to troubleshoot any primary issues you may have with a product. Acer’s general line is 1300 362 328. They are available 7:00am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday AEST or 9:00am to 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday AEST.

To download any drivers, view online manuals and see any extra content for your Acer device, please see the link below:


One important thing to understand with computer monitors is that each panel is unique due to the manufacturing process. Especially with IPS panels and other new technologies, there may be inconsistencies in backlight and bright and dark spots.

Most manufacturers will have a specific tolerance for these spots or back-light bleed as it is simply impossible to sell or guarantee these type of products against these sort of inconsistencies. To view ACER’s panel policy, please visit the link below:

ACER Panel Policy


Acer’s support page for laptops including troubleshooting guides and tips can be reached in the link below:


Please contact Acer’s general support line for assistance with Projectors and related products.