1. Create Template

A template is a reusable package configuration that can be used in instant or scheduled package creation

  1. Click "Duplicator Pro" ❯ Tools ❯ "Templates" ❯ "Add New"
  2. Enter a template name & specifications ❯ click "Save"

2. Create Schedule

A schedule generates a package at a given frequency for easy automation

  1. Click "Duplicator Pro" ❯ "Schedules" ❯ "Add New"
  2. Enter schedule name, template, storage location(s) and frequency ❯ click "Save"

3. Test Schedule

To verify proper schedule operation

  1. Click "Duplicator Pro" ❯ "Schedules" ❯ "Run Now" on the desired schedule
  2. Click "Duplicator Pro" ❯ "Packages" ❯ menu to view running package build
  3. Wait for the package to complete building

4. Database Only (Optional)

Schedule a backup of only the Database

  1. Click "Duplicator Pro" ❯ Tools ❯ "Templates" ❯ edit template assigned to schedule
  2. Open "Archive Section" ❯ check the 'Enable File Filter' checkbox
  3. On the right side look for a link that says "[root path]" and click it
  4. This will be the root path of your site excluding all files
  5. Click "Save Template" and follow Step 3 above to validate.