How to set up multi-factor authentication in Office 365

1. Go to the Admin Center and log in.

2. Click on the Active users and click the Multi-factor authentication.

3. In the next screen, you will see the MFA page. Select the user and click the enable button located at the right side of your screen.

4. A dialog box will appear on your screen, click enable multi-factor auth

5. At this state, it’s a good idea to send an email to the respective users to inform them of this change and also to ask them to provide their contact details when they log in the next time.

Set up multi-factor authentication with a mobile device in Microsoft 365 Business

Note: Download the Microsoft Authenticator from Apple Store & Playstore.

1. Log in to your Office 365 account. When you sign in you will be prompted to provide more information. Select Next.

2. From the drop-down menu choose Mobile app, then choose how you want to sign-in with your mobile app

  • Receive notifications for verification - to authenticate directly to your mobile app which may include fingerprint authentication
  • Use verification code - enter verification code each time you will authenticate

3. Select Use verification code and click Set up. You will be prompted to this dialog box and you will need a Microsoft Authenticator App which you can download from Apple Store or Google Playstore. Leave this dialog box open on your screen.

4. Open the Authentication App, select the add account and choose Work or School Account and then Scan for the QR Code.

6. Go back to your Computer screen and click next. You will now enter the Verification code that you will see on your Mobile app. Enter the code and click Verify.

7. Enter your backup phone number or office number, select Next and Done.

Note: The next time you will sign-in you will be required to log-in using your device.