Are you wondering why MonsterInsights doesn’t appear to be tracking you?

Logged-in WordPress administrators and editors are not tracked in MonsterInsights by default.

We want our users to get the most accurate stats possible for their site. In part, this means ensuring site admins and editors do not skew their own site stats.

So if you’re logged in to a site as an Administrator or Editor user role, MonsterInsights won’t track you by default.

So if you’re logged into your site, and using the Tag Assistant Browser Extension by Google to test the tracking, you’d likely see the following:

Then, if you click the Google Analytics code, you’ll see more details:

No HTTP response detected

Similarly, you might see the following in the source code of your site or the browser console:

<!-- Note: MonsterInsights does not track you as a logged-in site administrator to prevent site owners from accidentally skewing their own Google Analytics data. If you are testing Google Analytics code, please do so either logged out or in the private browsing/incognito mode of your web browser. -->

If you’d like to test your MonsterInsights tracking, you’ll need to view the site when logged out of WordPress or open an incognito or private window.